facilities to available, flexible
healthcare professionals

The easier, faster and safer way to locum is finally here!

At OnLocum, we are connecting healthcare professionals with hospitals to cover available locum shifts, through our mobile app. OnLocum is a solution built within the healthcare industry, for the industry. We understand the hassle around booking locum work and tracking payments.

For Healthcare Professionals

OnLocum empowers healthcare professionals to pursue efficiency of time, work-life balance, and avoid burnout.

Create and manage your ideal work schedule by booking local shifts in the OnLocum app. Work where, when, and how often you want, with rates posted upfront.

For Healthcare Facilities

OnLocum gives healthcare facilities the tools to flex their workforce based on patient demand.

Engage local, flexible, pre-qualified healthcare professionals directly to efficiently and economically manage staffing gaps. Post open shifts on demand without the hassle of agencies and other hurdles.

How it works

Partner facilities post shifts
through the OnLocum web app.
Local, flexible, pre-qualified
healthcare professionals get notified
by the OnLocum app on their smartphone.
A qualified healthcare worker
claims and works the shift.
They get paid straight through
the OnLocum app.